August 2016

Breakfast with Juan Carlos De Pablo

Clients, partners and colleagues close to the financial world were invited. After enjoying the delicious American buffet, the guests listened attentively to Dr. De Pablo, who started by explaining his view about what is happening at an international level, and then went on to speak about the situation in our country in political and economic terms. The presentation ended with a very fruitful round of questions where members of the audience expressed concerns and points of view.


We thank everybody for attending and most especially thank Dr. Juan Carlos De Pablo.


Brief CV: Juan Carlos de Pablo, Economics Major from U.C.A (1964) and Master of Arts in Economics from Harvard University (1968). Doctor Honoris Causa from CEMA University. Full member of the National Academy of Economic Sciences. He is the director of Contexto, corporate consultant and professor at the St. Andrews and CEMA Universities. He is the author of 45 books on economy related subjects, both theoretical and empirical, and another which will be published soon.


For more information about Juan Carlos De Pablo and his services, you can go to: www.juancarlosdepablos.com.ar