At Mercap we specialize in the design, development and implementation of systems for the financial market. Our experience in the local and regional market is backed by over two decades working hand in hand with the main companies in the sector.

Our approach is different and so are your results. We offer solutions that reduce the time to market, increase the productivity of our clients and simplify information management. In addition, the innovative architecture of our products enables successfully facing the increases in transactional demands and functional changes required by the evolution of our client’s business.

Our solutions are designed for the following segments:

Financial Institutions

  • — Treasury and Custody

  • — Private Banks

Asset Management

  • — Tailored Portfolio Management

  • — Mutual Funds

  • — Insurance Companies

  • — Pension Funds


  • — Treasury

  • — Financial Investments

«Mercap has supported us during the whole growth process of our multiple acquisitions and mergers, efficiently overcoming performance challenges due to the large number of custodial accounts, complex data migrations and information consolidation.»

Systems Manager of one of the five main Argentine Banks.


Our work teams have an extensive professional and academic background, both in finance as well as in the development of highly complex information systems. It is precisely this combination of knowledge that allows us to identify with our clients and have a broad understanding of their needs that is complimented with the renewed perspective of our experience. To this, we add our strong commitment and dedication to service, because of which, from the very first contact, our team cares for and resolves each requirement that the client has.

This balanced integration of design, know-how and service culture make up Mercap’s profile and the quality of our solutions, all of which enables us to grow with our clients, become their technological partners and add strategic value to their business.