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Mercap Unitrade

Custody and treasury


Mercap Unitrade is a solution that was specially designed for the banking market, and includes the Money Desks, Securities, Exchanges, Treasury and Custody businesses. It takes the complete operation into account; the front-to-back office, the management of one’s own portfolio and support for corporate clients. It also allows retail clients to manage their operations through the orders received from the system’s Branch Management and Call Centre web modules and Home Banking integration services.

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«With Mercap Unitrade we have managed to combine teamwork with responsiveness to the constantly evolving requirements of the institution»

Daniel Arzamendia - IT Manager
BACS (Banco de Crédito y Securitización S.A)


Mercap Trading

Capital Markets


Mercap Trading is a Virtual Desk that consolidates the financial planning and operation management of the Money Desks, Securities and Exchanges with the electronic markets. It does so in such a way that it communicates with MAE, Rofex, and ByMA platforms and has a mobile application for queries and authorizations.
This greatly flexible and easy to use solution systematizes the creation of short term financial planning.

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«Mercap helped the growth of the Bank’s operations, responding satisfactorily to the needs of our business, showing very good performance in customer service and response times optimization.»

Operations Manager of one of the largest Argentine banks.

Mercap Portfolio

Investment Management


Mercap Portfolio is a versatile and flexible financial investment management solution. Its architecture allows it to adapt to different types of clients, such as insurance clients, hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, family offices, corporations and investment banks.

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«Mercap Portfolio has a transactional added value that has been the decisive factor in choosing it as our portfolio management solution at a regional level.»

Finance Manager of a company belonging to one of the five largest economic groups in the world.


Mercap OMS

Order management


This is a full web application, with a friendly, flexible interface of great usability. It can be exported to Excel and interacts with the market systems and internal Web Services systems.

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Mercap OMS is a life-cycle management solution for own and customer operation orders. This type of operations must be executed with speed and efficiency, therefore, Mercap has developed an independent platform that connects to the securities system; then routes orders to the markets, assigning them to the corresponding parties so then can turn into operations.


«Technological development is now at a key moment in time for the financial market, where software is no longer ancillary but the very essence of the business,
paving the future of the industry. At Mercap, we focus on collaborating
with our clients, driving this change in paradigm, which enables
reaching the true potential of each company.»
Alejandro Gabriel | CEO